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Tel: (01202) 737114
Email: info@wellgroomeddorset.com

Hire Information

  1. Your account balance needs to be paid in full one month before your function date.
  2. Fittings are available on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays. Children are to be fitted approx. 4 weeks before the wear date. Fittings usually take about 10 – 15mins. Once measured if you think you have altered in size it is your responsibility to be re-measured otherwise charges will apply for other sizes required. Measurements that are provided by yourselves are at your own risk. If they are incorrect at the time of collection then we will do our best to replace the item, however this may incur extra charges to yourselves.
  3. The ‘Hire Period’ is 3 Days; however we make suits available for final fittings and collection the Wednesday of the week of the function. (If a mid-week function then an alternative collection date will be confirmed). If any item is not available for collection on the Wednesday then an alternative garment will be available for trying on for sizes etc. Your item will be ready for the ‘Hire Period’. If any person cannot try their suit on in the shop then you have until Thursday 1pm to notify us of any problem with the items otherwise we may be unable to rectify it without further costs to yourselves. If you do not attend a final fitting in store then we strongly recommend you try on your suit well before the function date as we will not be able to replace or refund for any items not previously notified to us before the function date, regardless if it is shop error or change of sizes. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOUR SUIT IS CORRECT.
  4. On collection of your suits you will be required to provide a security deposit. This is a valid debit or credit card imprint; however no monies will be debited from your account at this time, unless you default in return etc. This deposit slip is returned or shredded on return of your outfits in a good condition.
  5. All suits are to be returned between 10am & 1pm on Monday, A charge of 1 x the original amount will be charged for every late return, incurring extra charges for every hire period they are late in return. A £3.00 charge will be made for suits not returned on the original hangers. If any items are not returned or damaged, then you will be charged accordingly. If you do not return your own suit then the security deposit will be debited whilst ‘the returner’ is still present in the shop.

We strongly recommend that each wearer is fitted in store, and attends the final fitting in person.

Please Note – If ADW has been taken this does not cover against tears, rips, un-removable stains, cigarette burns, or anything which we cannot repair or that we cannot rehire again (If you require this kind of cover some wedding insurance policies may be suitable). A price list of charges for damaged items is on display in the shop.

If you have any questions please give us a phone or pop into the shop we will be happy to help.

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